Nick J.Webb and Petra Jean Phillipson are Skylark and the Scorpion, a duo soon to release their debut LP recording



A film soundtracked by the album and featuring both band members has also been produced which is to be screened around the UK later this year.


"Cool, ethereal, innovative, strange, beautiful. Like a magical dream..."



"Internationally acclaimed photographer Finlay Mackay travels back to his birth-place Shetland to direct his debut short 'Weather The Storm' a musical odyssey beautifully filmed against a breathtaking jurassic coastline. Performed and soundtracked by Skylark and the Scorpion. Produced and edited by band member Nick J.Webb."

PAUL KELLY Heavenly Films


"From the conception of this simple idea, through capture and edit this is a quiet masterpiece. It's what you would wish for in the best modern opera or ballet. It leaves just enough space for you to create your own personal story whilst carrying you with a perfect blend of music and cinematography to another more poetic world." 



"In an age where the art of the album and attention spans are compromised, this film forces us to listen from start to finish. It is a total thing of beauty."